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I am The Tattooed Homestead

I have an overdeveloped sense of fairness!

I have no idea where I got it.  

I believe that the Truth will always win over a lie, that the little guy will always beat the big mean corporation, and that when the story ends everything will be as it should be.

But sometimes, things bring darkness into my rose colored world.

So this is how it begins ...

In the last month, we have been given three warnings by Miami-Dade Code Enforcement for a laundry list of issues like having cardboard boxes, tarps, tools, and "other junk and trash scattered around" the property.

Courtesy of Dade County Planning and Zoning
This is not The Tattooed Homestead
When we called, they informed us it was illegal to have potted plants and potting soil in a residential property.

I shared our story ( Potted Plants are Illegal: Why YOU Can't Grow Your Own Food In Miami-Dade County ) and it got picked up by the New Times ( Potted Garden in Your Yard? Prepare to Pay a Fine! )

Someone pointed out:
But wait. You guys do run a business out of your home selling plants and plant products. At least that's what it seems like to me all over social media. I don't see how anyone could think you arw being picked on when this is clear.
The truth is that we don't.

Are we a nursery? Not by any means.

We sell to friends and family and other liked minded souls who believe in growing your own food but may not have the resources or the time.

But this is not The Tattooed Homestead.

We've been staying here for just over two months, helping out with an ailing Grandmother and planting every edible we can get our hands on.  My mom planned to sell this family home to us one day and let us start the permaculture process now.  But as chance would have it, those plans will more than likely never come to fruition.  

This is not The Tattooed Homestead
Our business is run out of a family home in Flagami.

This is not The Tattooed Homestead either.  Not really, anyway.

This is my husband's childhood home, where his family has allowed us to take over the yard and grow odds and ends here and there.

So then where the heck is it?

The Tattooed Homestead is real.  At least, it is to me and my husband, and I hope it one day will be to our baby boy.

The Tattooed Homestead is:
... the idea of living sustainably and not hurting the planet while you're doing it.  It is the idea of leaving the earth a better place than when you got here.  It is the idea that I want my child to know how food grows in the garden and not think that it comes from McDonalds.  It is that I want my child to believe that the Truth will always win over a lie, that the little guy will always beat the big mean corporation, and that when the story ends everything will be as it should be.  

... and if he falls victim to having an overdeveloped sense of fairness ... then I will know I definitely did something right!

I know I'm not like everybody else.

I think that's ok.

Right now, The Tattooed Homestead only exists in my mind ... and on the internet.  One day, it may be a real place.  It may be here or somewhere far away.  It won't make much of a difference either way to be honest.

Some things will never change:
We will always grow using sustainable practices and ideas.  We will never use pesticides or treatments for our plants or for our bees.  We will always think with our hearts instead of our pocket books and we will always follow our hearts and let it guide us to what is right.  
Some people may think I'm crazy.

I think that's ok, too.

It's not the first time I have been called different or crazy and I truly hope it won't be the last.

As for my overdeveloped sense of fairness, I may need to learn to live with the fact that I may never change the world ... but no one said I couldn't try!


  1. We wish you success with these obstacles!

  2. Ran across your blog when looking for bakyard chicken advice. It might be possible to get the house rezoned to residential / agricultural. I know the problems with mdc code enforcement, I used to wrench in my parents front yard. Usually the code violation form will have a time limit when you are supposed to fix it or pay a fine. Unless that changed and they just want more money now. If I were in your shoes I would bring the plants that are potted inside, "tidy" up outside and call code enforcement back out. Its just more instances of the government trying to make criminals out of honest people. (Like the journalist who had a no knock visit and charged for making a potato gun smdh). Throughout my short time as an adult I have understood that if a person wants to thrive apart from a system while having to abide by that network's rules, there will be alot of friction. I had a question. Have you thought about going to a nearby park and doing some guerilla gardening?


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