Final Miami Dade Adopt-A-Tree Giveaway in 2013 Review

I thought we were getting up too early.  The event was slated to begin promptly at 9am, per the website, but The Tattooed Beekeeper was up at 6 am puttering around and getting ready to go.  It was my first time going so my expectation of going early was waiting in a lonely parking area with a few other early birds, not something I particularly look forward to.  

As we drove up, we were directed to park where ever we found a spot down Westward Ave, and were lucky enough to find a space right away.  It was about 8:30 am and there didn’t seem to be  crowd or any other kind of hussle and bussle so I wasn’t  too worried, until we approached the building and found a line that turned on the end of the block.

As we approached the line, we heard a few shouts of “Hey, Tattooed Beekeeper” and greeted some familiar faces.  We found our place at the end of the line, which as luck would have it extended by another 2 dozen people within minutes of us arriving.  The wait was pleasant as we chatted with other gardening enthusiasts about this and that, and the line moved at a brisk and even pace.

Inside the building the pace continued just as briskly.  We had brought a letter from a family member that didn’t want their trees with a photocopy of their license but we had not completed our Adopt-a-Tree forms.  Thankfully the volunteers were exceptionally helpful in providing the forms and helping us fill them out.

We again waited in line, although much shorter, for our trees.  We weaved through a guided maze through which each area offered instruction on how to plant the trees, how to select where to plant them and much much more.

At this event they had: Mango, Longan, Sapodilla, Dahoon Holly and Orange Geiger.  Of which we selected, Mango, Sapodilla and 2 Longan trees.  We were helped by Boy Scouts and other volunteers to get our trees to our cars.

Overall, it was not entirely what I expected, having been a little disappointed by Miami-Dade County as of late.  But I am glad to report it was a very smooth and gratifying experience.

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