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Micro Farm Project (Grow your own Food) - Miami, FL

Have you ever thought of growing your own food? You can do it and all you need is a little bit of space. The more space you have the more you can grow. ~ Workshops Available

Planted some rows of Aji Dulce (Aji Cachucha)

Balcony's are a great source for growing food if you life in a condo but you need to be facing the right direction to get enough sun.

Below you can see a .15th of an acre lot back yard. It all started with just tomatoes and watermelons and now there are worms, chickens, bees, veggies, herbs, and fruit trees.

2009 (Google Earth Aerial-Shot)
2010 -2011 (Google Earth Aerial-Shot)
2012 - (45° Google Earth Aerial-Shot)

Collecting some eggs the hens keep hiding under my beehives.

Adopt a Beekeeper - Facebook


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